Private Rooms

WINE CELLAR – Capacity:36

We’re proud to say this is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful rooms you’ll ever have the pleasure of dining in—and not only because it houses 15,000 bottles of one of the finest wine collections you’ll ever encounter. Dome ceiling, aged brick, stone walls… If you hadn’t just come in off Maple Avenue, you would swear you had been enjoying the Italian countryside in Tuscany. A private bar completes your experience.

UBRIACO BAR – Capacity:80

For a Tuscan experience on a smaller scale, there’s nothing like the Ubriaco Bar, perfect for private parties and corporate events. Rich décor and a comfortable atmosphere will instantly transport you to the Italian hills—but one sip of our signature drinks at the 35-stool bar will bring you back to reality. There’s nothing like our mixing wizard Mike to make you glad you’re in Jersey at Buona Sera.

TUSCAN ROOM – Capacity:150

The 15-foot copper ceilings and gorgeous chandeliers in our Tuscan room will take your breath away. Fortunately, if you need a breeze to restore yourself, ask us to open the balcony doors (weather permitting) and enjoy a true al fresco feel. What could be more romantic for a boutique wedding, or more memorable for a family party? (And if your needs are more of the corporate variety, rest assured that our state-of-the-art AV projectors, TV, Wi-Fi and other equipment have you covered.)

SKYLIGHT ROOM – Capacity:30

For corporate events, private parties or other small gatherings, the Skylight Room—with its high ceilings and warm, bright skylight—is an excellent choice. Like the Tuscan room on the floor below, the Skylight Room is 100% equipped for corporate events; just ask us and we can accommodate. What are your seating needs? From three tables of 10 to one table of 30, we can handle your request.

Mezzanine – Capacity:80

The Mezzanine is quite possibly the perfect venue for your next cocktail party. Enjoy the workings of the open-air kitchen below and marvel at the bustle of a busy restaurant as you overlook our main dining room. If you love people-watching, the Mezzanine is for you—you won’t get a better view of Buona Sera Ristorante in action.

ROOFTOP BAR – Capacity:30

For an extra shot of sophistication at any time of the day, have a drink or a cigar in our sumptuous Rooftop Bar. Fully open-air with a phenomenal view of the main dining room, there’s nothing like an hour or two on the roof. Stand and catch up with friends—or pull up a stool at the eight-seat bar—and enjoy a signature drink or a full selection of the world’s best cigars.

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Wine Cellar Room

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